Obamacare Opponents Put on "Obamascare" Halloween Party...for the Kids

When you ask a kid what he wants for Halloween, he'll probably say Reese's or full-sized candy bars. I know. One year I decided to give out all Reese's, the full sized, not those "fun size" tiny things. By the end of the night, kids were literally showing up at my door chanting, "REE-SES, REE-SES!" This year, however, what they may say is, "Anything, as long as it isn't Obamacare, am I right?" Or maybe that's just the adults.

Just like Reese's, a group has combined the two great traditions of kids' Halloween parties and political rallies into "ObamaScare: All Tricks No Treats," events in cities across Texas including Houston.

Ah, I can hear the happy cries of children now. "Mommy, mommy, I want to go bobbing for communists!" And the heartwarming father-son talks...

Son: Daddy, why is there such a long line for candy? Dad: Well, son, it's to simulate the long wait we would all have for surgery under socialized medicine? Son: Why are they all wearing gray jumpsuits and why do they have numbers on their heads? Dad: Those are the government issue clothing Obama would force on everyone as he walks them to their work camps. And the number is the mark of the beast. Son: *sobbing* Dad: I know, son, it makes me sad too.

If this is the kind of Halloween scene you are into (and who wouldn't be?), Americans for Prosperity is throwing the bash for you in Houston October 28 at the headquarters of something called the King Street Patriots with speakers like Tony Katz of PJ TV and Dana Loesch of The Dana Show, whatever those are. From the press release:

Citizens are invited to join Texas community activists as we learn from a roundtable discussion following the first month roll out of the health care exchanges. We will hear from small business owners, physicians, and those "in the know" regarding the ObamaCare roll out. And bring the kids in their Halloween costumes for a chance to win special prizes and we will provide our own treats for them!

Yes, bring the kids because there is nothing a kid hopped up on sugar wants to do more than sit quietly and listen to community activists in a roundtable discussion about already-enacted legislation. That's assuming they are giving out candy and not just sternly-worded warnings about the dystopian future or lessons on self-reliance. If that is the case, someone is getting their house toilet papered. Just sayin'.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.