Obama's Desperate Commencement-Speech Offer: At Least One HISD School Takes Him Up On It

A news item today, gleefully highlighted by the Drudge Report, noted an internal Obama administration memo bemoaning the lack of offers from high schools for the president to give the commencement speech.

We're thinking this probably falls more under not attempting the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket, although the memo does note that 1,000 schools had applied in 2010 and less than a hundred in 2011.

Were any of them HISD schools? Spokesman Norm Uhl tells Hair Balls he doesn't know; he sent out an inquiry to principals but hadn't heard back.

One school did say, however, that upon hearing today's news, they'd be glad to extend an offer.

" Principal LaShonda Bilbo-Ervin at Booker T. Washington is going to apply," Uhl said.

And he kicked off the campaign to win a "yes":

The school has quite a history. It opened in 1893 as the area's first African American High School and since the 70's it has had a top notch engineering magnet program that has resulted in many minorities entering the field of engineering. From a history standpoint, I would think the school would be a very interesting choice for President Obama.

So at least one HISD school has bothered to ask the president of the United States to come speak. For Booker T. Washington's sake, let's hope they get lucky.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.