Obama's Screwing Texas Out Of Swine Flu Vaccine!!!! Or Maybe Not

Is Obama trying to kill Texans as revenge for not voting for him?

Quite possibly, if you believe a list of swine-flu vaccine information getting e-mailed around. (And yeah, we're calling it swine flu, you H1N1 snobs.)

What's being e-mailed is a list of vaccine doses shipped, broken down by state. California has gotten 836,900 doses; Texas 178,300. Texas has less than Arizona, and who the hell lives in Arizona?

So obviously there's political skullduggery going on, right?

Not really.

Carrie Williams, spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services, says the numbers in the e-mail are misleading.

"Those are very old numbers, and they have since jumped dramatically for Texas," she says.

The CDC's latest chart does show some improvement -- California 1.3 million doses shipped, Texas 831,400 -- but there's still a healthy gap.

Williams says those figures (which the CDC says are from October 21) are also outdated. Texas is up to 1.7 million doses, she says.

"Absolutely Texas is getting its fair share in what is being allocated, and there is no question we want every dose that is allocated to us," she says.

States have different methods of ordering and distributing the vaccines, which can skew the numbers, she says. Since the charts are just a snapshot, they could be very different if taken just a couple of days later.

So there are no complaints -- so far -- from Texas officials that the Obama administration is intent on killing all of us folks who voted for McCain. But as a loyal Glenn Beck listener might say, we wouldn't put it past them.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.