October, Cooler Weather Here: Welcome to Fall in Houston

Sure, I sometimes get a little envious of our northern neighbors with their lovely autumn foliage and the gentle patter of snow falling on snow. But, then I remember that when they are shoveling themselves into oblivion in January, I'll might be wearing flip flops. Welcome to the "cooler" months in Houston!

As pretty much everyone noticed, this past weekend not only brought about the first of October -- my favorite day of the year for many reasons -- it also delivered some legitimately cooler weather, not just the "Oh, thank GOD, it's only 90 degrees outside!" variety. Thus, we have entered the time of year when the cool fronts line up and the temperatures begin to fall. We may have even seen our last 90-degree day for the year. True story.

The next cool front appears to be heading our way by the end of the week. Temperatures on Sunday may only reach the mid-70s with lows in the mid to lower 50s. And this trend will only continue, particularly with the emergence of El Niño over the next few months. In fact, El Niño tends to mean cooler and wetter winters for us, which would be a welcome break from the desert-like conditions of last year.

This time of year, for me personally, is wonderful because the fall light is great for photography, hurricane season is over (for us anyway), basketball and football seasons are underway and the holidays are just around the corner. And unlike our friends up north, we may not have a white Christmas, but we certainly won't have to deal with an inordinately cold one either.

So, break out the light jackets and hoodies, it's fall time in Houston.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.