Officer Suspended for Allegedly Demanding to Smell Woman's Feet, Underwear

An alleged foot and underwear fetish has prompted Cy-Fair ISD to suspend Officer Patrick Quinn, a licensed peace officer with the district.

Cy-Fair suspended Quinn Monday after Harris County prosecutors filed two charges of official oppression against him in a strange case stemming from an early August traffic stop.

Quinn stopped a woman at about 3 a.m., August 11, near Jones and West Road, according to court documents filed in the case. Quinn told the woman that he had pulled her over because her insurance was expired.

After that, things get weird.

During the stop, Quinn told the woman her car smelled of marijuana. The woman denied having drugs, and consented to a search of her car.

The woman was then placed in the back of Quinn's car, and was subsequently questioned about a marijuana grinder Quinn told her he found, according to the complaint. The woman denied having any weed paraphernalia, but the officer continued with the questioning.

Quinn then threatened to take her to jail, according to the report, despite the woman's denial of any wrongdoing. The officer then allegedly told the woman he had a foot fetish and would let her go free if she allowed him to smell her feet.

She complied, according to court documents, removing her boots and even going so far as to ask if she needed to take off her socks, but the officer warned her that he was "probably going to lick them too."

He then gave her the option of handing over her underwear instead.

The woman again complied, handing over what are described as "athletic spandex-type underwear," to which Quinn allegedly said "Never mind," and let her go.

According to the court documents, police identified Quinn from a fingerprint on the woman's auto insurance card, which had been valid at the time of the traffic stop.

Quinn is currently out on bond, and Cy-Fair ISD officials say they have placed the officer on administrative leave.

A statement by the school district reads in part, "We are appalled by the nature of the allegations brought forth against one of our officers."

The Harris County District Attorney's Civil Rights Division says it has reason to believe Quinn may have stopped other women and asked to smell their feet or underwear.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Civil Rights Division at 713-755-5800.

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