Get that outdated video screen outta there!!!

Oh, Great: Minute Maid Park To Feel Even More Like Downtown Tokyo

A lot of people have their little peeves about Minute Maid Park, whether it's the fake hill in centerfield, the toy train up above, the crummy team wearing Astro uniforms.

But we have to admit we've never heard anyone say "I don't think there's enough advertising! And more video distractions, please!!"

Drayton McLane has heard those voices (in his head), however, and is taking heed. The result: Minute Maid Park is going to feel even more like the Vegas Strip when it comes to tacky, loud screens and ads designed to make sure you can't enjoy baseball.

Fox 26 reports that a $12 million "improvement" project is slated to begin as the team will
"install the second largest HD video board in Major League Baseball, add an additional video board in left field, [and] add an additional 1,000 feet of ribbon board around the stadium."

To which we can only say: Suckage reigns.

The team will also transform the press box into luxury seating and move the media up a level, because there's corporate money to be had in them thar behind-the-plate seats.

The new HD screen will be 54 feet by 124 feet, and it will make certain that you feel like you're in an overpriced sports bar, watching the game on TV.

The Astros will be paying for the renovations, director of business operations Pam Gardner told Fox.

"You have to stay fresh," she said. "That's what you do in your home. That's what we view this as, our home that we welcome people into."

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