Oh, He's In Trouble Now: Death-Row Inmate Indicted For Cell-Phone Smuggling

You might think you'd have enough troubles, sitting on Death Row waiting to be executed. Just wait until they indict you for smuggling in a cell phone.

Where's the Innocence Project now, eh?

You can just imagine the torture going through Richard Lee Tabler's mind as he ponders his fate on Death Row. "Sure, the DNA evidence is going to clear me of capital murder, but then -- Good God -- I've got that smuggling charge."

Not only that, Tabler was indicted for making threatening phone calls to State Senator John Whitmire, who is very influential in prison matters. So we're guessing Tabler's not leaving prison anytime soon. Unless it's on a gurney.

Also indicted: Tabler's relatives, and another inmate.

Somehow not indicted at all: Any prison guards or TDCJ employees, who apparently were super, super-vigilant but just let this one get by them. This one time.

We guess.

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