Oh, Joy: Another "Affirmative Action" Bake Sale, This Time at Texas Tech

The Texas Tech group called the Young Conservatives of Texas -- yes, they're the ones who protested a campus sculpture because it allegedly included lesbians and commies -- have had yet another bright idea.

Well, a bright idea that's getting pretty worn out by now, but maybe it's bright to Lubbock.

It's an Affirmative Action Bake Sale, intended, according to the group, "to satirize and draw attention to the injustice of racial favoritism in academia." Satire!! It's funny!!

"Faculty, staff, and students of races currently favored by liberal elites, like African-American or Hispanic, will be able to buy the cookies at a lower price," the group says.

"Racial preferences and favoritism are not just or fair. They only cause more conflict and injustice," said Jeramy Kitchen, the Tech YCT Chairman. "On the state level, our organization favors prohibiting public universities from using race in admissions and hiring."

The event is going on NOW, so it's too late to book a Southwest flight and join in the fun. Even if you're one of those races favored by liberal elites.

And if you're "elite," they'll probably force you to buy petits-fours or some kind of Frenchified sissy dessert.

Just try not to spill anything on the commie-lesbo statue.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.