Oh Lord, Chris Baker's Coming Back To Our Airwaves

Chris Baker is coming back to Houston. Ummm, rejoice?

Baker, a erstwhile stand-up comic who had an often inane political talk show on Clear Channel's AM stations here, a show where he blustered and bloviated and did the typical right-wingnut radio shtick.

Clear Channel AM head Michael Berry has announced he's coming back to KPRC-AM, in afternoon drive time. Bloghouston has the memo.

And thus Houston's critical shortage of conservatove blowhards is addressed.

Fun facts about Baker: 1) For all his macho shouting and yelling down of those who disagreed with him, he refused to sit for a Houston Press profile where he'd have to be interviewed extensively.

He thought about it, but then decided he preferred "to let the show speak for itself."

2) He got invited on MSNBC and was paired up with a liberal radio host who copied the same shouting playbook (which is as tedious from the left as it is from the right). Unnerved, he made jokes about the guy's appearance and stormed off the set. He at least talked to us about that and was apologetic, although he was trying furiously to react to unmitigated scorn throughout the blogosphere.

3) He went ta a talk show in Minnesota and again made news when he called the WNBA "a place for lesbians to make out when they score."

And now he's coming back to Houston. Yay. He'll be followed on the KPRC line-up by Michael Savage, who is as about as loony right-wing as they get, so we're sure it will be five hours of cogent, trenchant political discussion.

-- Richard Connelly

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