Oh, Miguel Tejada, Lying To Congress Is Not A Good Thing

The off-season has been pretty lackluster for the Houston Astros.

It just got a whole lot more luster-er, but not in a good way. Their shortstop, Miguel Tejada, has been charged with lying to Congress over whether he used steroids.

He had denied the allegations in 2005, saying he'd never used any performance-enhancing drugs. Unlike Alex Rodriguez (but just like Roger Clemens), he did it under oath.

Documents filed in federal court in Washington indicate Tejada has worked out a plea deal on the matter, but details of it aren't yet available.

The Astros got Tejada in a trade just days before his name surfaced in the steroid scandal, which was nice if the aim of the team was to be more closely linked with the controversy.

He didn't really blow anyone away with his season last year, but maybe he'll do better in the California Penal League (Major League reference!).

-- Richard Connelly

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