"Oh, This Distinctive T-Shirt? I Always Wear This When I'm Robbing Banks"

favorite shirt2.JPG
Photo courtesy FBI

You've already robbed a bank and gotten away with it. You've got money to get a new t-shirt, don't you?

On the other hand, the very distinctive t-shirt you wore the first time (Apparently manufactured by "Remember Me" T-Shirts: Helping people identify bank robbers for 25 years") is, it has to be conceded, your lucky t-shirt.

So yeah, if you're going to rob another bank, damn straight you're going to break out the shirt that worked the first time.

Not only that, you're going back to FM 1960 to do your robbing. And you're robbing the same brand of bank.

This does the FBI dub you the "Deja Vu Robber."

This guy hit a Chase bank at 7611 FM 1960 this morning; he had hit a Chase bank at 6910 FM 1960 two weeks ago.

If you see a black guy wearing this t-shirt, Crime Stoppers wants to talk to you.

If, two weeks from now, you're in a Chase bank near the Willowbrook Mall and you see a guy in this t-shirt, head quickly for the door.

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