Oh, Yay: Sanctuary Cities Back On The Legislative Agenda

If you were missing the incredibly depressing legislative and talk0radio debates over "sanctuary cities," those mythical Texas places that all but take up arms to defend illegal immigrants from the nasty law enforcement people trying to protect our borders, it's your lucky day.

Governor Rick Perry has added the issue to the special session agenda, along with "the use of the federal Secure Communities program by law enforcement agencies, and the issuance of driver's licenses and personal identification certificates."

He says: "Texas owes it to the brave law enforcement officials, who put their lives on the line every day to protect our families and communities, to give them the discretion they need to adequately do their jobs," and that adding the bills "sends a clear message that Texas will not turn a blind eye to those breaking our laws."

So, if you are on the other side in this issue, you are against " the brave law enforcement officials, who put their lives on the line every day to protect our families and communities."

The sanctuary cities bill targets communities that have guidelines or laws whereby law enforcement officers don't ask about a person's immigration status when they are detained or interviewed on unrelated matters. Critics say it would increase profiling of Hispanics and harassing of the "Do you have your papers" type for legal residents.

Republicans passed the sanctuary cities bill in the regular session, thanks partly to a parliamentary trick that left Democrats steaming.

One, San Antonio's Jose Menendez, said passing the bill would mean "nine million legally living Latinos in this state... to live in fear. All of us in this room, we speak the language, but many of you in this room have family members, friends, people you go to church with who are now going to have some fear in their lives.

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