Okay, The Mysterious Face On the Space Station Is Freaking Us Out

Yesterday we posted some great new video from NASA of the shuttle Endeavour docked to the International Space Station, seven minutes of mostly silent footage that screamed out for a soundtrack.

We synched up David Bowie's "Width of a Circle," just because it's about the right length and occasionally has a spacey vibe.

And we got freaked out, man.

Check the video out at about the one-minute mark. The camera begins a slow pan across the ISS, and a few seconds later, a ghostly face appears.

It's clearly -- and really, there is no dispute about this, especially if you're listening to "Width of a Circle" at the time -- a man's face. it's like the head on a Roman bust, with that umbrella-like thing making the guy look like he's wearing some sort of gag sunshade.

But this guy would be too serious for such frivolity. This is a stern face that would brook no tomfoolery.

Another view, from later in the camera's pan, with the face now on the left side of center:

You stare at that thing long enough -- again, with Bowie playing and Mick Ronson's guitar caterwauling -- and you can tell the thing is just Evil.

Talk to us not about "shadows" and "camera angles" and such. We know what we saw. And heard.

We think something is very, very amiss with the good ship ISS.

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