Okay, Who's the A-hole Who Stole a Dog Rescuer's Expensive Camera?

Yvette Holzbach has been photographing dogs for the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward rescue group for at least eight months; her often heartbreaking pics have helped the group place 144 dogs since forming in November 2011.

That's why we were saddened when group member Holly Kelch told us some a-hole snatched Holzbach's $4,000 camera from a van last week while Holzbach and another volunteer were transporting a very pregnant pit.

According to Kelch, Holzbach and volunteer Kelle Davis had trapped the stray dog (they've since named her Sheila), loaded her into Davis's van, and then parked at a McDonald's off Lockwood Drive in order to let the dog out of the trap. While Holzbach stayed in the back of the van with the dog, Davis went into McDonald's to use the restroom and buy a drink. She left the keys in the ignition and the door unlocked, and this is when the aforementioned a-hole opened the door and hopped inside, probably not realizing the van was occupied.

Kelch tells us that when Holzbach heard the door open, she assumed it was Davis, and when she turned around to speak, she saw the stranger and screamed. The guy grabbed the camera and high-tailed it.

"It's how she makes her living, but it's also the way our group is able to network these homeless animals," Davis told Hair Balls in an e-mail. (She said they filed a report with the Houston Police Department, but we're not overly optimistic).

If anyone wants to help out (or if you're just interested in Sheila or any other dogs), they should visit the group's FB page. In the meantime, we'll keep our fingers crossed...

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