Olympic Logos: The Best and the Worst, Including Lisa Simpson's Sex Act

Heh. Lisa Simpson is giving Bart Simpson a hummer in the London 2012 Olympic logo.

Uh, we mean aren't you stoked for the 17 days of glory that commences on July 27 in the United Kingdom, especially with a logo that cost £400,000 (approximately $621,000)?

That's right. All of that freaking money for a Wolff Olins-designed logo that's not really that awesome at all.

How does the cartoon sex scene proud representation of the world's foremost sporting event stack up against Olympic logos of the past? With input from Houston Press Art Director Monica Fuentes, we rank the rank logos as well as the good ones.

The Bad

8. Calgary 1988 The 1988 Winter Olympic Games, brought to you by Chrysler!

7. Sydney 2000 Head Down Under, kind of like Lisa Simpson, and be struck by lightning.

6. Lillehammer 1994 An Olympic logo or an Alpine Piano Festival took place in Norway?

5. Los Angeles 1984 What!? Only three stars!?

4. Rome 1960 What exactly is under that thing's thing?

3. St. Moritz 1948 A stoic, blazing sun seems appropriate for the summer version of the Olympics. Too bad the Swiss city played host to the Winter Games.

2. Munich 1972 Bauhaus should have never, ever left Germany. At least the Games were good for doctors in West Germany, who were saddled with treating spectators with some serious vertigo.

1. Montreal 1976 Olympic Stadium, abandoned by the Montreal Expos, is often cited as one of the worst stadiums in the country. Maybe the real reason they ditched Canada for Washington D.C. (where they became the Senators) was for this logo that seems to be giving viewers the one-fingered salute.The Good

3. Atlanta 1996 A well done graphic design interpretation of a classical column using the "100." Also, substituting green for the predictable red, white and blue was rad.

2. Vancouver 2010 A solid interpretation of native Northwest American art.

1. Mexico City 1968 No surprise that the serious art town of Mexico City would come up with our favorite design that's simple and stylish.

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