Omar Daniel Gonzalez-Torres: Craigslist Prank Backfires, Leads to April Fool's Day in Jail

According to what he told police, Omar Daniel Gonzalez-Torres was upset at the way a woman was treating his girlfriend, so he chose the route of high-tech vengeance. Posing as his girlfriend's alleged antagonist, the 21-year-old College Station man took out a Craigslist "casual encounters" ad offering up various sexual acrobatics and furnished the woman's cellphone number.

Apparently Gonzalez-Torres is talented in the fake sex ad arena, or maybe there are just lots of horndogs in the greater Bryan-College Station area, because soon enough the woman's phone was blowing up, brimming over with what the Bryan-College Station Eagle calls "obscene phone calls, photos, and text messages."

On February 10, the woman, apparently a Texas A&M student, called the Aggie cops, and the cops subpoenaed Craigslist, which furnished them the cellphone number of the person who took out the ad. The cops called the number and Gonzalez-Torres answered.

After an investigation of several weeks, Gonzalez was arrested on Saturday and charged with online impersonation, a third-degree felony punishable by two to ten years in prison. He made his $8,000 bond Sunday morning after spending the first 12 hours of April Fool's Day in the Brazos County Jail.

And come on now, this is a felony? One that could ruin this kid's life for years to come, if not forever? We look at the Facebook pages of dozens of punks, hoodlums, thugs, skanks, Juggalos and various other sociopathic no-goodniks every day, and it's readily apparent Gonzalez-Torres, also a Texas A&M student, is none of those things. Guys who claim to speak Klingon and fans of shows like Yu-Gi-Oh and Veggie Tales and bands like Texas Chainska Massacre don't do well in the pen, we imagine.

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