OMG!!!111!!1! Zac Efron Loves Us!!1!!! Totes!1!!
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OMG!!!111!!1! Zac Efron Loves Us!!1!!! Totes!1!!

Breathes there a hotter man alive on the face of this earth -- nay, in this solar system -- than Zac Efron?

And before you fans pile on us, we'd take the category to "the entire extent of the galaxy," but we just don't know what the stars of Zebon-17's version High School Musical look like. Yet. We bet they're not as hot as Zac, but we can't be sure.

And now it turns out that Zac loves us too!!!!

The intrepid journalists at have scooped The New York Times and NPR by getting exclusive photographic coverage of Zac leaving a Beverly Hills store. (Sure, you say, why would NPR have photographic coverage? We answer: Because it's Zac.)

What was he wearing? A Houston t-shirt.

Not one that we'd ever seen, not one that we have the slightest freaking idea what it's about, but that's only because we don't inhabit the ultra-cool, uber-hip world of Zac Efron.

"Houston, We Have A Touchdown" the shirt says, which we first assumed refers to moon landings and not the Texans against the Jets.

But the illustration seems to show a skull wearing at least half a football helmet, so it could be....oh, who are we kidding? Who's looking at the shirt when you have Zac Efron stubble attracting your attention?


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