On His Feet

A lot of Astro fans howled in dismay when the Houston Astros fired radio guy Alan Ashby after the 2005 season. Ashby, who had the dubious honor of working with the Astros' past-a-prime-that-was-never-too-prime-anyway Milo Hamilton, was canned in a shuffle triggered by Hamilton's decision to no longer travel.

Ashby was.....not bad, for our taste, although he never knocked our socks off either. We will grant that his talents may not have had their full chance to shine while working with the corn-pone incoherency of Milo.

At any rate, Ashby has finally landed another full-time gig. He'll be doing radio analysis and some play-by-play for the Toronto Blue Jays. (He was the catcher for the team's inaugural season, in 1977.)

We wish Ash the best of luck, and hope there are no Milos north of the border. — Richard Connelly


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