One Giant Leap Backward for Womankind?

You probably spent last Wednesday wining and dining the person you love — or running around for a last-minute gift when for that chick or dude you're boffing who suddenly thinks he or she's your significant other. You probably weren't morning the death of traditional love — unless you were radio host and twice-divorced family values crusader Dennis Prager (Hell, who is he going to spend the day with?)

Prager, best known for his crusades against breastfeeding and a Muslim taking an oath of dedication to the United States on what he considers the Word of God, cited a Washington Post article on college-age women's attitude towards love and stated that "love is in its lowest state in Western history". He claimed that young women are the group of society "least desirous of falling in love because it will hurt their chances of professional success and make them dependent on a man which they have thoroughly been indoctrinated against" and that colleges have brainwashed women into believing there is no difference between the genders and they are as capable of unattached sex as men. The show followed the usual right wing radio format — a slew of ditto-head callers followed by the repetition of the host's central points in that slow, practiced, condescending tone they all have. Then Prager said something truly surprising:

"Then you read about the astronaut who achieved more success than 99.99999999 of humanity, male or female, and struck it all over for an unrequited love. There's a terrible denial about the ache in a woman for a man and it has worked."

We weren't sure he actually said something so ridiculous but Townhall.com later posted the audio file.

Dennis, let us point something out to you. There is such a thing as crazy. You may not be aware of it. People trapped within the Matrix cannot perceive the Matrix. But driving 900 miles in adult diapers to throw on a wig and force someone into a car trunk at knifepoint is not an assertion of traditional gender roles. It's crazy. Really, really, really crazy. Women's lib-induced self-denial about some inherent female desire to shut up and make cookies cannot inspire an adult to act in this way. Not everything can be tied to this "erosion of Western values" you keep pointing to. There is such a thing as what-the-fuck, bat-shit insanity. Also, it's really sad when someone sees the quintessence of women in our society not as someone like first female House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Harvard president-elect Drew Gilpin Faust but as pants-crapping, knife-wielding Lisa Nowak. -- Nick Keppler

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