One More Reason Not to Drive Drunk on New Year's Eve

Earlier today, I gave you five not so great reasons to avoid drunk driving this New Year's. They were superficial and unimportant, but they were meant to underscore the fact that driving under the influence is reckless and stupid, particularly on the drunkest night of the year. This doesn't mean you should get hammered if you are so inclined. By all means, drink away if you must. Just don't get on the road afterward.

But, if those five reasons and, you know, the fear of death and prison, aren't enough to keep you from getting behind the wheel after getting your drink on, maybe this will. See those six dudes in the photo above. All of them were busted for DWI over the Christmas holiday weekend and every single one of them was a third time offender.

Seriously, check that dude out on the far right. That's David Preston Saul. He turned 59 in October. Look at him!

According to a release from the Harris County Sheriff's Office, 21 drunk drivers were arrested during the Christmas holiday weekend and, for these six, the third time was the charm.

"These were probably not the only time these individuals drove while drunk," said Sheriff Adrian Garcia said in a release. "These are just the only times they got caught."

Uh, ya think?

Last year between Thanksgiving and New Year's, Harris County reported 12 deaths related to drunken driving and 258 arrests.

In that last post, I implored you to not be a like a hotel hooker. In this one, I'm saying don't be like David Preston Saul. Don't drink and drive. The life and mugshot you save might be your own.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.