One Plus For Red-Light Cameras: Entertaining Crash Videos

Yeah, everyone pretty much hates red-light cameras, except city bureaucrats who collect the money from them.

On the other hand, they can be somewhat entertaining.

American Traffic Solutions, the company that runs red-light cameras in 180 cities including Houston, ushered in the new year by releasing video highlights of  the best intersection mishaps captured by their equipment.

Scottsdale, Arizona has four of the top ten. The Texas cities of Irving and Burleson each have one. (A nice truck flip and an airborne motorcyclist, respectively.)

But there's nothing from Houston. What, aren't we lousy-enough drivers?

ATS spokesman Josh Weiss tells Hair Balls we shouldn't read too much into the fact that Houston is not represented.

"At the last minute, we just kind of asked a bunch of our cities if they had anything to send that we can use," he says. "I can't remember if Houston didn't have anything or if we didn't ask them."

So it's not because we're such great drivers?

"No," he says. "Bad drivers are everywhere."

He says ATS put the list together as a warning for drivers to be careful out there.

"I hope there's no need for us to do another one next year because there are no accidents," he says.

Don't hold your breath, dude.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.