Sure, putting this photo here is kind of gratuitous, but we don’t hear any complaints.

One Shy of the Record

Okay, before I get on with the Astros update, I’ve got a complaint to make to Fox Sports Houston. Yeah, I know that Dario Franchitti just won

the Indy 500

. And I know that he threw out the ceremonial first pitch last night. And I know that he was there promoting some car race up in the Metroplex next weekend. But damn it. This guy’s married to Ashley Judd, one of the

most beautiful women in the world

, and I know she’s at the game because you showed her hugging Dario after his first pitch. So, that said, why in the hell didn’t you interview her during the game last night instead of her husband? Who wants to look at, and listen to, some race car driver, when you can talk to, and show, his beautiful wife instead?

I’m disappointed. And angry.

That said, on with the Astros update.

The Astros lost. Again. This time by a final of 4-3. That’s the tenth straight loss, one short of the team record. That’s the 17th loss this month. The 31st for the season.

What else needs to be known?

Oh yeah, on the day that Richard Justice writes about Craig Biggio being unhappy batting in the sixth spot, he’s moved back to the lead off slot.

And what else? Oh, yeah, Cincinnati’s Aaron Harang pitched a complete game. And he’s now won six of his last seven starts against the Astros. And Reds manager Jerry Narron was ejected after six pitches over arguing the strike zone with the umpire. Now, I know that Phil Garner was angry about the strike zone, but instead of arguing with the umpire, he joked about it, during the game, with Bill Brown and Jim Deshaies.

I should also note that, while everyone’s making fun of the New York Yankees, and how bad the team is, and how Roger Clemens screwed up by signing with the Yankees, it should be noted that the Yankees do have a better record than the Astros.

It should also be noted that the Astros are playing the mediocre Cincinnati Reds of the mediocre Central Division, and that the Reds have been the only one of the mediocre Central teams that the Astros have been able to beat this season.

Until now.

The series with the Reds ends tonight, as Woody Williams takes the mound against Bronson Arroyo. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.