One Thing Houston High Schools Can Do: Produce NFL Players

​You can argue whether Houston-area high schools do a good job educating kids, but there's one thing you can't argue -- they do a hell of a job turning out NFL players.

That's the finding reached by USA Football, the non-profit group that serves as a governing body for youth and amateur football.

The organization looked at NFL rosters as of the opening weekend, the high schools that players had listed as graduating from, and came to the conclusion: Houston kicks ass.

Not as much ass as Miami, but a lot more than Dallas.

Miami high schools have 31 alumni playing in the NFL; Houston's have 23 and Dallas' a mere dozen. (Even Detroit, with 15, outshines Dallas.)

"Additionally, the state of Texas had the second most players in the NFL with 179 (California was first with 205)," says Stefan Lovelace, a spokesperson for USA Football.

The results don't seem to be online, so we'll just pluck some highlights.

High school with the most current NFL players: DeMatha Catholic in Maryland. Brian Westbrook is maybe the most famous.

The state that has the most NFL players per capita: Louisiana, with one NFL player for every 55,862 residents. Texas has one for every 102,331 people.

No Texas high school has three alumni on NFL rosters right now; nationwide, 44 high schools can say that they do.

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