One Toke Of K2 Over The Line: Real High From Fake Weed Lands Bryan Man In Jail

An unidentified 24-year-old Bryan man faces Class B misdemeanor DWI charges after allegedly admitting to police that he smoked K2, a marijuana-like substance sold legally in Houston stores as incense.

According to the Bryan-College Station Eagle, a Brazos County sheriff's deputy spotted a man struggling to maneuver his car out of a ditch on the far side of a guardrail near the intersection of F.M. 2818 and Texas 21. As the deputy closed in, he said the man redoubled his efforts to pull his car out of the ditch, but instead became mired in the mud.

The cop stated that the driver was, to quote the Eagle's rewrite of the police report, "unsteady on his feet, didn't know where he was or how he got there and was asked for his date of birth several times before he gave the correct one."

Toking on the K2 was the last thing he remembered, the man allegedly told the cop. According to the report, a passenger in the car was likewise zonked.

The driver's license was soon discovered to be invalid. The driver allegedly told the cop that he had not been unaware of that fact, but that he "just wanted to go to the store to buy some K2."

After allegedly flunking a field sobriety test, the man was taken to a nearby hospital for a blood draw.

So what is this K2 stuff, anyway? It sure sounds like fun...

Sold in head shops, gas stations and convenience stores under a variety of brand names including "Herbal Mysteries," Kush," and "Dank," K2's active ingredient is a synthetic cannabinoid with effects almost indistinguishable from those of THC. One-and-a-half gram packages retail for about $20 and contain warnings reading "not for human consumption," though some clearly failed to heed that admonishment.

In addition to its ease of purchase, some smokers favor it over weed because it does not show up on drug tests -- thus it is a favorite of people with nosy bosses and probationers alike. Some tests indicate that the stuff causes cancer -- lung cancer, specifically -- in lab mice, so there is that...

Though still legal in Houston, K2 has been banned by local ordinance in numerous municipalities in Texas and in much of Europe, where it enjoyed a brief vogue a few years ago.

In addition to the DWI charge, the driver faces a Class A misdemeanor charge of driving while license invalid, upgraded from a lesser offense owing to the fact that this was his second offense.

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