Oops. My Bad. Bummer. Won't Happen Again. Or Maybe It Will.

First, a confession. I don’t listen to, or watch, every inning of every Astros game. So I missed the bottom of the eighth inning of the Monday loss to the Phillies. So I missed Brad Lidge pitching. I just assumed that since the score was the same as when I returned to the game in the top of the ninth, that he hadn’t pitched.

I was wrong.

Now, my psychologist wants me to stop dwelling so much on the negative. I should accent the positive. So, Jason, you won’t be seeing any rants about the starting pitching. Or the bullpen. Or the slumping offense.

So here are some positives. At least the Astros don’t have the Yankees pitching staff. Even Brad Lidge has never surrendered four home runs, back-to-back-to-back-to-back on a total of ten pitches.

And Craig Biggio is now two hits closer to 3000.

And Woody Williams pitched a good game, though the Pirates did score three runs.

And how about that Paul Maholm? Who? Paul Maholm, the Pirates’ starter who pitched the first complete game of his career, holding the Astros to zero runs.

This will sound negative, but it’s just facts. The Astros have now lost four straight games. The team’s record now stands at 9-10, back under the .500 mark. But, here’s good news, the Astros are tied for second place in the division.

Matt Albers will be making the start as the Astros try to prevent the sweep before coming home for weekend series with the Brewers. – John Royal

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