Opera At UH Sparks Threats, Even Though It's About Radical Islam & Homosexuality

Edalat Square is an opera based on the true story of two gays teens who were hung in Iran in 2005 for homosexuality.

The Opera Vista Festival at UH is featuring the piece this year, and organizers say they expected some controversy. It's arrived, in the form of a death threat.

Amy Hopper, founding director of the Nova Arts Project (also involved in producing the festival), says she received a note in her mailbox saying this: "You are pigs to mix Islam with gays. You must stop! We will not let you do it."

"I was alarmed enough when I received it at my home (I have a young daughter) to immediately call HPD," Hopper tells Hair Balls.

The Project has also put out a prepared statement where Hopper says "We received this letter that was all about ignorance and hate. It makes it even more important to tell the story."

Hopper tells Hair Balls she doesn't "think anyone's life is in danger," but wouldn't be surprised if more theats came.

"We haven't had any other threats, but our next email blast goes out this weekend, and we think the first letter was sent because of the first email blast," she says.

The group has been performing some outreach with community organizations who might be offended by the piece, she says.

Edalat Square will open the Festival May 21.

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