Opinions "Mixed" On Obama's Fort Hood Visit, Waco Paper Says, Demonstrating An Odd Use Of "Mixed"

The once-respected Waco Tribune Herald was purchased this summer by a very conservative family whose first move was to put "In God We Trust" on the front page of each edition.

Since then the paper has become very right-wing (even for Waco!!) on its editorial pages. We don't read it enough to know if that's seeped over to the news side, but we did read it today online.

"Opinions in Fort Hood, Killeen mixed on today's Obama visit," read the headline on a story about the presidential visit for the memorial service.

How "mixed" were they? Just judging from the people quoted, not too mixed at all -- everyone hates Obama, pretty much.

The quotes:

Cynthia Wood voted for John McCain and dressed as Sarah Palin for Halloween, so she's obviously qualified to lead off.

"I think that, because it's a memorial service, he'll get a warm welcome," Wood said. "But I think everyone has a lot of reservations about him because he still hasn't made a decision (about the war in Afghanistan). Honestly, instead of coming to the memorial service, I'd rather him take the time to make a decision about Afghanistan."


Next up, an actual Obama voter! Who is paraphrased as saying "he knows people have mixed views about the president attending today's service but said whatever remarks Obama makes will likely improve opinions of him."

Next, another Obama voter:

"He's going to need to work hard to improve people's impressions of him around here," Vicencio said.

Then, a woman who "said she spent Monday posting her opinions regarding Obama's visit to her Facebook page."

"I understand and appreciate that he wants to come and pay his respects, but if he wasn't coming, a lot more families and people who actually live in Killeen could attend," said Newport, a mother of three and Army wife. "The people who could really benefit from attending the memorial are going to be deterred by the heightened security measures."

Last but not least was someone who had met Obama:

"No matter what people's politics are, they will respect Obama because he's the commander in chief," Walker said. "That's the kind of reception he'll get in Killeen. Now, if he went up to visit Waco, I'm sure it'd be a different story. Most people who live in Killeen aren't Texans."

So, to sum up, the "mixed" views consist of: a) Stay home and work on Afghanistan, dammit; b), Yeah, no one likes him but he talks nice; c) Boy, he's gonna have to work hard to improve his image; d) His coming here will make things too crowded; e) Of course people will be polite, but he should thank Christ he's not going to Waco.

And yeah, we're sure it was impossible to find anyone who was appreciative or had something good to say about his visit.

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