OSHA Fines Tomball's Pigs Unlimited International Inc. for 19 Violations

A Tomball company's fat is in the fire with the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, so to speak.

The company, Pigs Unlimited International Inc., a foam and polyurethane pig manufacturer (we're talking about a piece of equipment sent up pipelines, not actual pigs, to clarify), has been fined for 19 safety violations that exposed workers to various dangers. The way things were set up, workers ran the risk of being caught or struck by the manufacturing works or impaled during their shifts, according to an OSHA release, which sounds a lot like the company is living back in the Industrial Age of worker safety.

"This employer failed to protect its workers from a range of hazards, from potential amputation to chemical exposures and other safety hazards," David Doucet, director of OSHA's Houston North Area Office, stated. "The lack of preventive measures must be addressed and corrected to provide a safe working environment."

Workers not only were risking impalement when they went to work but were also being exposed to methylene chloride, a possible carcinogenic. The company got 15 "serious" violations and four "other-than-serious" violations, and has 15 days to fix all the problems.

Because OSHA has incredibly steep penalties for doing things like failing to train workers to operate a forklift or, you know, endangering your workers' health, life and limbs, Pigs Unlimited International Inc. was fined a whopping $58,100 for these violations.

A representative of Pigs Unlimited International Inc. said (very politely) that they do not have any comment at this time. Fair enough. With that many violations, what is there to say?

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