Osman Irias: Cops Say He Beat His Son, 2, to Death

When two-year-old Osman Irias Salguero died in a hospital April 28, his father, Osman Irias, said it was the result of a fall.

An autopsy found 86 bruises and fractured ribs on the child, however, and today Irias, 21, has been charged with the felony of causing injury to a child.

Court documents show that paramedics were called out to the Irias apartment in the 5700 block of Thousand Oaks Circle and took the child to Northwest Memorial Hospital.

Irias told investigators the child and his four-year-old sister were fine as he went to take a shower, but when he returned the boy was lying on his back having convulsions. He said he applied CPR.

When investigators asked about the other bruises on the boy's body, Irias said they had been "sustained as a result of falling and that he had not taken [the boy] to the doctor because of fear of CPS," court documents say.

Irias is the sole caretaker; he told cops the child's mother is living in Guatemala.

The charge alleges he hit the boy with his hand and kicked him.

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