Our Awards for the Weirdest High School Mascot Names in Texas

Anybody can come up with a simple name for a sports team. God knows there are enough Tigers and Lions and Eagles and such to fill a stadium. But, it takes real creativity and bravery to come up with a totally unique nickname for a school. In Texas, where high school football is only slightly less important than church or Whataburger, it makes sense that care and consideration are put into the names of school mascots across the great expanse of the Lone Star state.

Unfortunately, there are times when not quite enough vetting is done with a name. Had those who were on the committee to come up with the greatest high school mascot name ever done their homework, perhaps they might have gone a different direction. But, since they didn't, the best thing we can do for them -- besides offering condolences -- is give them some awards for their efforts.

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