Our Best Super Bowl Stories for Houstonians
Super Bowl Host Committee

Our Best Super Bowl Stories for Houstonians

The big day is finally here! Our beloved, mediocre Texans may have made an early exit from the playoffs, but Houston is still hosting Super Bowl LI. Here are our best Super Bowl stories from recent months to get you caught up.

Our Best Super Bowl Stories for Houstonians (2)
Matt Griesmyer

What if Houston Floods During the Super Bowl?
What if the rains return during Super Bowl week, when Houston expects hundreds of thousands of visitors to attend events downtown and around the NRG Stadium complex?

Our Best Super Bowl Stories for Houstonians (3)
Zach Despart

How to Escape Downtown Houston During the Super Bowl
The easy answer to avoiding a traffic headache between now and the Super Bowl on Sunday is to stay out of downtown and away from the NRG Stadium campus on the 610 Loop. But that won't be possible for thousands of Houstonians who live and work in those areas.

Our Best Super Bowl Stories for Houstonians (4)
Max Burkhalter

The Super Bowl May Bring a $500 Million Boost to Houston, or None at All
Critics say that the hoped-for injection to the local gross domestic product is based upon bogus assumptions and shamefully overblown numbers that need to be deflated like Tom Brady’s (allegedly deflated) footballs. Some even argue that host cities actually lose money on the Super Bowl.

Our Best Super Bowl Stories for Houstonians (5)
Marco Torres

Texans Can Make It to the Super Bowl, Just After They Leave the Texans
It was back on May 21, 2013, that the National Football League awarded Super Bowl 51 to the city of Houston. They say the next best thing to your hometown team’s going to the Super Bowl is having the Super Bowl come to your hometown. Here in Houston, we will have to take the word of whoever coined that phrase as gospel, since we are still waiting for a Houston NFL team to win its conference.

Here are the Major Story Lines for Super Bowl LI (Remember Matt Schaub?)
Does anyone remember what happened the last time Houston hosted the Super Bowl? Janet Jackson exposed a boob and nearly destroyed the country.

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