Our Craziest Stories of This Election Season

Thank God the election is over. A lot of predictions went out the window, as Donald Trump improbably beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency and Democrats nearly ran the table in Harris County elections.

The crazy finish seemed fitting for a campaign season that had so many surprises.Here's a smattering of our craziest election stories from this year (and believe us, it was a hard time winnowing it down to this).

Trump Campaign's Houston Headquarters Appears Not to Exist
Donald Trump's campaign is often criticized for lacking a good ground game, but the situation here in Houston may be taking it to a new level. Despite online listings that show a Trump campaign headquarters as being located in southwest Houston, there doesn’t appear to actually be a headquarters located at that address – or anywhere else in the city.

Down in the Polls, DA Devon Anderson Oddly Notes Her Opponent Is Gay
Republican incumbent Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson is facing criticism in both conservative and liberal circles after making comments invoking Democratic opponent Kim Ogg's sexual orientation and personal beliefs.
Precinct 6 Constable Candidate Silvia Trevino Accused of Gambling Habit
Three years after being fired from Precinct 7 for insubordination — and two years after her husband, former Precinct 6 constable Victor Trevino, was convicted of a felony related to using charity money for gambling — Silvia Trevino is apparently asking Harris County voters to forget all that and vote for her to become the next Precinct 6 constable.
Mattress Mack to Pay Out $10 Million After Betting on Presidential Election
Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale is known for his balls-to-the-wall promotional tactics and guerrilla marketing, but his latest gamble, a wager on the presidential election, is a true accomplishment. After all, it's not everyone who could lose $10 million and make it seem like a triumph, but that's why not everybody is McIngvale.
Fort Bend County Voter Arrested for Trying to Vote Twice
Heading into the election, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump warned of voter fraud and urged his supporters to watch the polls in "certain areas." Though we don't think he meant his own supporters would be the ones trying to stuff the ballot box.

Sid Miller Calls Hillary Clinton a Certain C-word on Twitter
When the tweet first went out, Texas Agriculture spokesman Mark Loeffler stated the missive was evidence that Miller had been hacked — but that story didn't  hold water.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.