Our Most Disgusting Marathon Pictures, with New Additions

Last year, to celebrate (?) the Houston Marathon, we found five of the most disgusting pictures of marathoners the Web had to offer.

In a continuing spirit of benevolence, we dug up some more this year.

Marathoners are known to run through anything, so these pictures feature plenty of bodily fluids you might not want to deal with at breakfast. If the phrase "bloody nipples" gets your stomach turning, these aren't for you.

But if you want to salute the effort, determination and insanity of marathon runners, feast your eyes on these. We'll start with last year's five, then add our new discoveries.

5. Bleeding nipples They can make strong men cry. And everyone else cringe.

4. Peeing We guess if you've told yourself you're not going to stop and use a porta-potty, it's probably a good idea to just let it go through the shorts as opposed to taking them down. Although why she just didn't let fly while she was still running, we'll never know. It would be like the marathoner's version of tubing on the Guadalupe.

3. Vomit This one we can understand. Although maybe we can't understand doing it so publicly. And we can only assume carbo-loading is the reason for the nuclear-yellow tint of what's coming out of the mouth.

2. Blood So she scraped her knee, what's the big deal? Well, actually, this is a somewhat famous picture of Uta Pippig, and she is winning a race despite having a quite flowing period going on at the time. If you want to look closely at the crotch, you can see.

(Last warning: Make sure you want to click to the next page.) 1. Poop Yes, yes, everyone poops. But usually not a) down their leg, b) in public, c) when toilet facilities are likely available not all that far away.

And the new additions, none of which really rise to the levels above, unless you imagine the pain that went into them:

4. Blister No, that's not an extra toenail.

3. More bleeding nips And he's damn happy about them. Aussies!

2. For the want of a nail Remember, running is fun and games until someone puts a nail out.

1. TMI We don't want to see this guy bouncing by.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.