Our New Favorite Blogger Is Also Her Own Favorite Blogger

To say that rsvp713.com "fashion columnist" Leslie Tyler-Fink is arrogant, thoughtless and elitist is probably being too kind. A recent ellipses-filled "Glam Life" column is filled with air-headed socialite idiocies that sound like dialogue written for Zsa Zsa Gabor's character on Green Acres.

Example: "Darlings...White has been my lucky... actually very lucky color...which was the main reason I chose my new cars to be white; both my Bentley and Range Rover...So I was in the mood to drive my Rover Tuesday night... The drizzling weather influenced my decision in case of H2o puddles on the road... also I was feeling a little 'town & country'..."

Gosh, Hair Balls should have more sympathy for the idle rich and the confusing town-and-country, Bentley-or-Range-Rover choices they have to make on a daily basis. It's surprising more of them don't buckle under the horrible mental load and commit suicide while having their manicures.

The Finkster has apparently secured a blog gig for the Caroline Farb-led website where all she has to do is describe her daily wardrobe in a fey Zsa Zsa fashion and pretend she is Marie Antoinette reincarnated, superior to the rabble who should be eating cake and staying out of her way if they know what's good for them. Judging by her column, fashion, wealth, and vanity are the end-all be-all for the Finkster, who is apparently known for her Sexy Lip-licious gloss ("infused with lip plumping, long lasting and moisturizing key ingredients") that all the leading ladies of Hollywood simply must have, Darlings.

Example: "Then I accessorized the look with my signature piece and personal favorite classic canary diamond cuff and princess cut solitaire from Valobra Jewelers! To die for!!! I wanted this outfit to grab attention...Mission accomplished --- Landed my wealthy & handsome husband, didn't I? By the way ladies, choice of beauty products & wardrobe is the first step to finding a man!"

Take that, you scum-sucking, bottom-feeding single women who should all want to land a handsome, wealthy husband and display him like he was an easily duped marlin hanging on the scales. I wonder if the Finkster's advice also applies to lesbians and gays looking for partners?

Her self-absorption borders on egomaniacal. We can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment the Finkster gets on her intrepid fashion forays: "I valeted at Saks and briefly conversed with fashion designer Josie Natori then headed to the opening of Ferragamo...as I sipped on peach mimosas I purchased two fab pairs of rimless Fendi sunglasses for my trip to Maui coming up...and the rimless sunglasses...are so in this season...then headed to The Fendi Boutique... grabbed a sparkling water, slowly sipped it from the crystal stem glass while I briefly and quietly socialized..."

Obviously, "I" is the Finkster's favorite word.

Now Hair Balls is certainly no fashion expert, so we reached out to a few magazine people we know who are and got the following interesting email:

"Miss Leslie goes to future Fashion Weeks? God help those of us who go to fashion week to study and report a craft we find fascinating for reasons other than as an avenue for vulgar self-promotion."

Hair Balls couldn't have said it better, Darlings. Vulgar is the word we were looking for.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.