Our Rockets Season Preview: Ready For Some More Mediocrity?

It hasn't been making a lot of waves here, given the excitement over the Texans' playoff games, but the NBA season has begun.

Of course, if you're a Rocket fan, you know what that means: A team not good enough for the playoffs but not bad enough to get a franchise pick in the draft.

Our Sean Pendergast assesses the 2012 team in this week's cover story, and predicts that not much will change:

They are the best of the non-playoff teams, the tallest midget, the perennial fourteenth selector in the NBA Draft. Too good to be terrible and bottom out, not good enough to make the playoffs, with ownership willing to spend and a razor-sharp management team, they are just blessed enough to be cursed.

Feel the excitement!! At least Pendergast's story, "NBA Purgatory," is entertaining, even if the Rockets generally aren't.


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