Our Worst (Best?) Stories of Houston's Beloved Traffic

We all know you can strike up a conversation with anyone in Houston on either of two topics: traffic and the weather. And this week's dreadful news that a downtown section of I-45 will be closed for several weekends got us thinking about the former.

While weird weather comes and goes, traffic is a daily headache (or adventure, to you glass-half-full people). Here's a collection of some of our worst traffic stories in recent years:

The Most Congested, Confusing and Hated Intersections in Houston
Traffic. We all hate it. We hate the stopping and starting. We hate the construction. We hate all of it. But it is the price we pay for living in a city spread out over 600 square miles. But that doesn't always adequately explain the nightmare of traffic intersections.

As Construction Begins on I-45 Ramps, Get Ready to Change Your Commute (and Sit in Traffic)
There's a chance you're going to have to rethink your commute, because starting tonight, construction crews are closing down some of the most heavily traveled I-45 entrance ramps in the city.

5 Houston Roads to Avoid This Holiday Season
No one would think to question the stress-inducing nature of Houston traffic. It is made all the worse during the holidays when certain areas of town experience the kind of gridlock we dream about on fitful nights of sleep leading up to Black Friday.

No Pain, No Gain: New Interchange at 59/610 Will Test Our Traffic Patience
Anyone who has had the unfortunate luck of spending even a few minutes on Highway 290 between the North Loop and Cypress knows that "gridlock" can be a relative term. As the expansion of the ever-congested thoroughfare continues through the end of 2017, all Houston drivers can do is lament the closures and do their best to avoid the area. If you don't live or work on the northwest side of town, that certainly helps.

Residents Ask Mayor Turner to Halt Post Oak Bus Project in Effort to "Save Uptown"
"See this right turn lane filled up?" consultant Wayne Dolcefino asked about a dozen angry Uptown residents, standing along Post Oak Boulevard near the intersection with San Felipe Street on Monday morning. "That's going away. The right lane at Westheimer? That's going away too."
The 10 Scariest Roads in Houston (Especially at Night)
When dealing with traffic in Houston, most of us try to avoid congestion, road closures and anything that might slow us down. But there are some areas of town that might best be avoided altogether.

You Probably Won't Die Biking These Six Houston Streets
As one biker, Kelly Robinson, told us, “The word 'safe' and 'riding bikes on the street' really shouldn't be used in the same sentence.” But here are a half-dozen Houston streets cyclists prefer to ride on.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.