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What's left of the Outpost

Outpost, Legendary NASA Bar, Burns After Closing Doors For Good

The Outpost bar, home to countless astronauts and NASA types letting off steam, closed for good in January.

It burned to the ground over the weekend.

We're not saying anything, you know what we mean? The website collectSPACE.com is certainly implying things, though:

"There was no electricity running to the building," assistant fire chief Rick Vargas told collectSPACE. "It is certainly suspicious."

Of course, that could mean some homeless crackhead starting something.

The bar had long been on life support, getting itself saved from extinction at the last moment several times. But the owner of the property it sits on is selling, so the most recent closure was a point of no return.

The fire began late Friday/early Saturday, officials said, and is officially under investigation.

As to all that memorabilia that lined the walls of the bar, apparently it was all taken away before the fire.

Vargas said that none of the tavern's trademark astronaut and space memorabilia that once lined its walls had been found among the burnt remains.

"Just kegs and other bar-related stuff," said Vargas.

Here's some video of the scene:

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