Over the Weekend: Capone's, Tipsy Clover, Deco, Caroline Collective and Astros

We're sure plenty of stuff happened in the daylight this weekend, but we were too busy carousing to take note. Check out the evidence below.

Grand Opening of the Caroline Collective

The creative professionals were out in full force on Saturday night for the inaugural event at this co-working environment. So was whatshername from Gilmore Girls. And let's not forget our very own Mark C. Austin, who brought back a bushel of photos.

12:21 a.m. at Capone's

Meanwhile, across town, Bill Olive was at Capone's, checking out the gangland action.

1:19 a.m. at the Tipsy Clover

After Capone's, Bill headed to midtown to try his luck.

1:47 a.m. at Deco

Rarely one to turn in early, Bill then strolled down the street for one more round (of photos).

Cardinals vs. Astros

In the world of non-debauchery, Houston won the first game against St. Louis and then lost the next two, which is starting to become a real trend.

Here's hoping your week goes well. Ours just might. -- Keith Plocek

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