Over the Weekend: Dickens, BMX and 610 Blvd.

Quick not-so-random tip: If you haven't already had your office holiday party yet, we definitely suggest you don't show up too early. The food probably won't be ready, but the drinks just might. Anyway...

Dickens on the Strand

For the past 35 years, Dickens on the Strand has been celebrated on Galveston's famous street. It's been almost three months since Hurricane Ike put the Strand under six feet of water and there were just a few businesses open on Saturday, but the celebration went on anyway.

Terry Adams DVD Premiere at Block 21

On Saturday night, the parking lot of Block 21 was transformed into a BMX playground to celebrate the release of Dreamz, a documentary film about pro flatlander Terry Adams. Organized by the Byke Project, the event featured the star of the film, who won the bunny hop contest, as well as DJ Statik, who scratched records as riders performed tricks for the crowd.

12:30 a.m. at 610 Blvd.

On Saturday, there was also drinking, dancing -- you know the drill.

We've also got reviews of Duran Duran and Buddy Guy coming up on Rocks Off. Stay tuned. -- Keith Plocek

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