Overreact Much? Eight HS Seniors Arrested for Mildest of Pranks

Eight high school seniors in Brownsville have been arrested and face misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief because -- and please, prepare yourself for the depravity and lawlessness of today's misguided youth -- they TP'd some trees on their Porter HS campus and used shoe polish to write such blasphemy as "Porter Rocks" on school windows.

The district is pondering whether to bar them from graduation ceremonies, which seems reasonable enough. But BISD police decided to press charges, initially also including criminal trespassing, of all things.

Way to go, zero tolerance!!

A BISD spokesman told the Brownsville Herald that hey, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

"The district will not second-guess the decision of the law enforcement officers who were on the scene at the time," Drue Brown said.

Parents didn't seem too pleased with the decision, the paper indicated.

Apparently the whole "you've been caught and your punishment is to clean it up" scenario never occurred to BISD. We're sure no senior pranks will ever, ever again occur in the city now that they've demonstrated their resolve on this issue.

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