Pac Man Is A Cougar, Maybe

UH occasionally gets a bad rap for having an apathetic student body, but on one magical day in the fall of 2008, the members of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity decided to prove that some Cougars really do care about getting involved. And by getting involved, we mean dressing up like creatures from Pac-Man and tearing around campus making strange noises.

(We're giving ourselves a late pass on this one -- we saw the video for the first time today, despite the fact that it's more than a year old. But to be fair, there are also 308,067,247 Americans who haven't seen the footage yet, either.)

Jesse Singh, the TKE who inspired his fellow fraternity members to create the cardboard costumes, says he got the idea from a similar (OK, identical) operation that University of Michigan students pulled off a few years go.

"I figure if [UH] can have all sorts of weirdos come on campus and talk about all sorts of things...the people who come and preach about the Bible with a lot of fire and brimstone, or some guy dressed up in a chicken suit talking about veganism -- why can't we do something that's fun and non-threatening?" Singh, who's about to start grad school at Houston Baptist, says.

So they don't get any points for originality, but who cares about originality when four dudes in Pac-Man outfits are shaking you from your auditorium-class stupor? All those "developing" countries that are leapfrogging the U.S. in quality of education can chomp on that.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.