Pacifica Station Attacked Again

KPFT-FM just keeps attracting the crazies. And we're not talking about their out-there talk-show hosts.

Once again, someone with a weapon and an agenda has attacked the station's building. A year ago it was a drive-by shooting. This time it was a knife-wielding guy who broke a window.

Why does the non-descript little Montrose HQ piss off people?

No one seems to know.

KPFT programming director Ernesto Aguilar had this to say about the early-morning incident:

The individual in question arrived on station property and demanded access. After being rebuffed, he became agitated and punched out one of the window panes on the back door. He lost the weapon he was carrying when he punched through the glass. He was apprehended without resistance and arrested. Police said the man did not express a motive or intent to harm those on property. Programmers as well as police on site each reported the man was incoherent.

Incoherent? Give him an overnight weekend shift on air!

Just kidding. We're glad no wild-eyed lefties were harmed in the making of this incident.

-- Richard Connelly

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