Paging Alanis Morissette: Rick Perry Scolds Bill White About Kids Deprived Of Libraries

If you haven't had your fix of political chutzpah lately, you're in luck -- Governor Rick Perry's campaign is absolutely outraged that budget constraints are forcing Houston libraries to cut back some hours.

"It's unfortunate that parents and children will be denied access to libraries because of Bill White's fiscal mismanagement of Houston," Perry sokesman Mark Miner said in a release. "Stop hiding your tax returns, Mr. Bill, and apologize to the children of Houston for reducing their library hours."

That's Mark Miner, spokesman for a governor who's turned down $700 million in federal funds for education (which typically involves kids, you would think) because the Tea Partiers didn't like it? The one who's long led a state that ranks near the bottom in children's health care issues?

Yeah, that one.

We asked White spokeswoman Katy Bacon for a response.

She didn't quite go off with as big a bang as we hoped, but instead defended White's fiscal record.

Rick Perry wants to attack a mayor's tough choices in tough economic times, when his 2006 school finance plan CREATED A STRUCTURAL DEFICIT OF $5-7 BILLION DOLLARS for our public schools?! And universities across the state are making steep cuts as well?

Rick Perry's structural deficit will recur, growing year after year until his scheme is overhauled.

Bill White managed Houston with disciplined budgets, building cash balances while cutting tax rates five straight years and improving the efficiency and responsiveness of services. He added 7 new libraries and $110 million in renovations and new construction while he was mayor.

Like we say, not quite as appalled and vitriolic as we like. They need to step up their campaign to Perry-level degrees of outrage, whether it's faux or not.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.