Paige Parkerson faces murder charges.
Paige Parkerson faces murder charges.
Photo by Beaumont PD

Paige Parkerson: Killed Fiance Because His Mother's Day Gift Wasn't Good Enough? (UPDATED)

A tip for any future suitors of Paige Parkerson, whether it's in prison or not: Go big on Mother's Day.

Beaumont police say Parkerson killed her fiancé early Monday after the two "had been arguing over the Mother's Day holiday."

The Beaumont Enterprise says the mother of victim Clifton "JR" Barkin says his killing "was a result of his gift not measuring up to its recipient."

That gift, she says, was flowers and a card, which means a whole lot of dudes out there might start getting worried.

The pair had two kids, presumably too young to get in trouble by not gifting Parkerson enough.

Barkin was 22 and Parkerson 20. She faces felony murder charges.

This was posted on her Facebook page May 15:

Hldn it dwn fa yhu Bro all love && respect missin yhu lyke crazii knownin dhat err dae ii wake upp ii cntt C ur face && it hurtz meh bht til we meet again ii jux wana sae again dhat ily ily ily ily && miss yhu Bro!!!!

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