Pam Matranga: Her Former Deputy Sues for Sexual Harassment Citing Forced Motorboating; She Says It's an Election Ploy (UPDATED)

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A former deputy to Galveston County Constable Pam Matranga has sued her, claiming she sexually harassed him by, among other things, pulling his head under her shirt and into her cleavage.

Forced motorboating!! Other allegations involve farts and some of the worst euphemisms for female genitalia we've heard.

Matranga says the former deputy, James Gist, is retaliating over losing his job and being investigated for bugging the constable offices. He says he did it to record the harassment. Matranga also says Gist asked her to improperly change a government document in his favor.

"An EX-employee has filed a complaint (now Law suit) with the EEOC ...because I would not change a legal document in his favor," she said on her Facebook page.

She says she cannot address specific allegations in the suit, although she told the Galveston County Daily News, "I'm a jester, I am not a girlie girl...I think a lot of things have been taken out of context."

She also notes that the lawsuit was filed just days before the primary, where she faces a rare re-election challenge.

Among the allegations (and remember, they are only allegations):

5. Matranga "began joking with plaintiff about attending 'chunky chick night' at strip clubs in the area where [she] would have the opportunity to perform. Defendant Matranga proceeded to lift one leg over the arm of plaintiff's chair and began making gyrating motions with her hips, while placing her hands at the top of plaintiff's chair, mimicking how a topless dancer would perform a lap dance at a strip club."

4. She "walked into plaintiff's office and stated, 'I spilled some Coke on my canooki.' As [she] made circular motions around her vaginal area, [she ] asked plaintiff with [another deputy] if either of them 'wanted to have some of it?'"

3. Gist said he was sitting near Matranga at her desk when he dropped his pen and bent down to pick it up. "When he did so, defendant Matranga said, 'While you're down there, why don't you help yourself to some 'duck taco'?" 2. When she allowed Gist to work an extra job, she said she should get something in return. She "then parted her legs, made a puckered-lips facial expression with raised eyebrows, and used her hands to begin rubbing her inner thighs near her vagina."

1. And....."Defendant Matranga, while standing in the doorway of her office, deliberately farted and looked at plaintiff while rubbing the clothing area covering her vagina and stated, 'Why can't I get a man?'"

Gist is suing for unspecified monetary damages.

Update: KPRC is reporting on a video that purports to show Matranga behind a bush, urinating in a park. "I think it speaks to Texas that they need more restrooms along the highways for travelers," Matranga partly said in response to the tape.

The suit:

Mat Rang A

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