Pandora, Beaumont: What's The Difference? Sam Worthington Will Find Out

Sam Worthington thought he went to strange places, with odd natives, when he went to Pandorain Avatar. Just wait until he meets Southeast Texas.

The Bayou blog informs us that details have been finalized on a new, very dark Michael Mann-produced film that involves murder most foul in an area most foul: The Golden Triangle.

Here's Mann describing it:

It's a brilliant screenplay, filled with things you cannot make up in Hollywood, things you would have had to find the dead bodies in a heroin operation to understand. That's why it's such a haunting piece. This is such a spooky zone in Texas where cell phones don't work, where the homes sit on trailer stilts, and where there's a hand-painted sign on the bridge that reads, `You Are Now Entering the Cruel World'.

So, downtown Beaumont, right?

The movie was initially called The Texas Killing Fields but is now called The Fields, after a sophisticated generic-ification process designed to render all things bland.

Worthington will star in the picture, which was once slated to be directed by Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire fame, but is now being directed by Michael Mann's daughter, which should not raise any red flags at all.

Boyle, by the way, eventually said the script was just "too dark" to ever get made.

So we're sure this thing will be an entertaining, factual look at life in Southeast Texas. And, naturally, it will be shot in Louisiana, because everything is nowadays.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.