Parade Patrol

It turns out

Draka the Dragon



the only car

tossed out

of this year’s Art Car parade. It wasn’t even the first.

Tom Massimin, who drives the Roachster, says he was thrown out of the parade too, despite having (unlike Draka) all the proper entry forms and approvals.

His crime: He doesn’t really know, but he has a guess. “My thinking is that I stood up for Draka and therefore was included in the kick-out,” he says. “I protested and was threatened with jail and handcuffs. I actually considered letting myself be arrested (on who knows whatever charge), but I had my sister and her friends down from Connecticut for her first-ever Art Car parade and me being in jail probably wouldn’t encourage her to visit again.”

Massimin’s sister was actually riding in Draka, so she certainly got the full Houston experience of how fun and free-wheeling the Art Car parade can be.

In any case, Massimin was actually ejected before Draka and its owner, Lisa Nigro. “I beat Lisa by…..oh, 30 to 40 seconds,” he says.

Let the record so reflect, as they say in the courtroom. – Richard Connelly

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