Parents Arrange Catfight Between Warring Teen Daughters, Dust-Up Is Uploaded to YouTube

Imagine you are the parent of a teenage daughter and she is squabbling with a classmate. How do you resolve it? Do you get together with the other girl and her parents and have the young women talk it out?

If that's your course of action, you are not cut from the same cloth as Robert Gonzales and Monica Ochoa of Austin. These two thirtysomething parents got their feuding daughters together alright, but instead of having them settle their differences peacefully, they arranged for their daughters to duke it out mano a mano.

And because this is a high-tech age, they promoted and arranged the battle on Facebook, filmed the catfight and then uploaded the footage to YouTube. (The video has since been taken down.)

According to the arrest affidavit reported in the Austin American-Statesman, Gonzales, 34, took his 14-year-old daughter to an elementary schoolyard for a prearranged showdown with the 15-year-old daughter of Ochoa, who is 35. There, the two girls fought for two minutes and 43 seconds.

According to one affidavit, Gonzales was an enthusiastic corner man for his daughter, at one point urging her to go "toe to toe" with Ochoa's daughter. The same goes for Ochoa, who allegedly advised her daughter to put her hair up in a bun so her foe couldn't pull it.

Gonzales and Ochoa were allegedly heard encouraging the girls to hurry up and finish, as some in the crowd were worried that the cops were on the way. After Gonzales stopped the fight, he was said to have argued with Ochoa about hair-pulling. Gonzales then got in his car with his daughter, who reportedly had a scratched face and neck, and another man.

Ochoa took her daughter, who suffered a black eye and a scratched neck, to her car. Waiting there for the fight to finish was Ochoa's other daughter, who is all of six years old.

Gonzales and Ochoa were both charged with injury to a child.

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