Party On, Coogs

For a cynical, self-hating UH alum, yesterday was a pretty special day. The City of Houston held a pep rally for the Coogs, who've won the Conference USA title and are now headed to the Liberty Bowl. (Many fans at the rally at City Hall held up signs that said "Give us Liberty!" Clever.)

The event (apparently the brainchild of City Councilmember/mayor pro tem/UH alum Michael Berry), went as smoothly as the recent Dynamo rally (though it was less insane), as head coach Art Briles praised UH fans, and Mayor Bill White praised the Coogs and scored himself an official team jersey. (Dude could start a sporting goods store with his Houston sports jersey collection.)

Overall, a triumphant day for Coogs fans. Whether or not they win Liberty, they're C-USA champs. And that, as a UH alum, is pretty damn cool (and pretty damn surreal). — Steven Devadanam

All photos by Steven Devadanam for HouStoned Images Ltd., Ulmtd.
... and worked the red n' white crowd into a frenzy.
Junior WR Anthony Alridge yelled out "Liberty Bowl, baby!" and "U of H, baby!"...
Coogs mascot Shasta pumped up the UH faithful with some pretty impressive dance moves.
City Councilmember Berry introduced QB Kevin Kolb, calling him the "pride of Stephenville" and a "first day pick" in the NFL draft.
Freshly shorn senior RB Jackie Battle (left) told the crowd he cut his hair after a bet with his girlfriend. He then challenged senior OLB (and Jeff Spicoli lookalike) Wade Koehl to lose his locks if the Coogs win the Liberty Bowl.
Mayor Bill White, who proclaimed yesterday "UH Championship Day," hung out with UH prez Jay Gogue and head coach Art Briles.
Fan (especially female fan) favorite Koehl showed off the C-USA trophy, which is only slightly smaller than the nearest downtown building.

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