Pasadena Walmart Employee Swipes Customer's Debit Card, Uses It at Same Store

Buddy Olvera might want to try some other career. This whole crime thing doesn't seem to be working out for the (now) former Walmart employee.

Not even the Eye of Sauron takes in more than Walmart's security cams, so there is a plethora of video evidence backing up the Pasadena PD's claim (reported by KPRC) that Olvera helped himself to a customer's debit card he found in a mislaid wallet and then used it to rack up several purchases at the very same store.

To repeat and elaborate...Buddy Olvera allegedly stole a woman's debit card from a shopping cart in the parking lot, while on video, then returned to the store where he worked, and bought some shoes and a laptop with it. And all that is on video too.

Nice touch #1: he kisses his baby's head as the cashier rings up his booty.

Nice touch #2: At least he changed clothes before he returned to make the illicit purchases. Sadly for him, it was not enough to throw the law off his well-documented trail.

The mind reels...It reminds me of this time I was in study hall in high school cutting up with two of my buddies. While we snickered and giggled and generally disturbed the peace, the proctor, a stern, by-the-book veteran Spanish teacher, kept giving us dirty looks, but never reprimanded us in any way. It was the last period of the day, and when the bell rang, we all got up to leave, free at last from the bonds of another school day.

Or so we thought. The proctor told the three of us to sit back down.

"You didn't really think I was going to let you three get away with that crap, did you?" he asked. "Seriously? Y'all get to stay here an extra hour."

Olvera will likely be facing a far harsher penalty. Police say he confessed and that his illegal spree took places at stores other than his place of employment. He has been charged with felony debit / credit card abuse.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.